Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Spray Tan

Spray tanning is an excellent way to keep a sun-kissed appearance, whether you’re going on vacation or you just want it to look that way. However, it’s also an investment that you want to protect by making the most of the service.

The first step toward an awesome, natural-looking spray tan is to choose the right MedSpa in Parker, CO. Then, you’ll want to take the necessary steps before and after your tanning session to optimize and prolong the results.

Important Facts About Spray Tanning

Spray tanners use a solution of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and other ingredients such as moisturizers and emulsifiers to darken the cells on the top layer of your skin. DHA is created by distilling 3-carbon sugar from the sugar cane.

This substance is completely colorless until it’s applied to the skin, where it reacts with amino acids on the epidermis (stratum corneum). The chemical reaction creates a darkening effect that’s harmless and lasts for as long as those cells are present on the skin.

That makes preparation and aftercare essential if you want to preserve your spray tan for longer than a day or two.

The Benefits of Sunless Tanning


Sunless tanning provides a healthy alternative to tanning beds or baking in the sun. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes, and the results can last for up to 10 days.

However, a healthy glow and the slimming effect of a tan aren’t the only benefits of spray tanning.

First and foremost, you’re drastically reducing your risk of getting skin cancer because there are no UV rays to harm you. Lack of sun exposure also means that you’re protecting your skin from the effects of premature aging. The fine mist and technology guarantee even coverage with no streaks, gaps, dark spots, or unsightly tan lines.

Getting the Most out of Your Spray Tan in 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose the Right Salon or MedSpa

The quality of your tan begins with the facility that’s providing the service. The salon should use high-quality products in a variety of formulations. The equipment and technology should be cutting-edge, and the staff should be trained and experienced in how to use it.

Sessions should be conducted in a private setting that’s kept at a comfortable temperature and sanitized between clients. The staff should be friendly and approachable, but professional.

Open communications and knowledge are important.

• Does the staff clearly explain the process and after-care instructions?
• Are your questions and concerns addressed?
• Is the facility clean and well-maintained?
• Do they offer complementary accessories, such as eye protection and nose filters?

2. Remember That Timing is Everything

We all have last-minute or unexpected events. However, your spray tanning session should ideally be scheduled two days in advance of your vacation date or a big event. This will give you enough time for you to prepare for your session and realize the full effects of the tanning solution, which can take up to eight hours to fully develop.

If you’re going to wax any part of your body, do it at least 24 hours before your session. Shaving and exfoliating should be done at least 12 hours in advance. This is important because your skin is more sensitive after you exfoliate and remove excess body hair, and that could lead to skin irritation from even the mildest sunless tanning solution.

You should wait at least a week before scheduling another session. Sure, your tan will fade a little with each shower, but this is not a case of “More is better”. In order to maintain your look, prepare well, take care of your skin after, and apply a gradual self-tanner every other day to maintain the glow until your next session.

3. Select the Best Shade for Your Skin Tone

Sunless tanners that use DHA as the main ingredient are measured in percentages. The higher the percentage of DHA, the darker the color.

It’s important to choose the right shade for your skin tone and desired results because there is no such thing as applying layer after layer to darker the appearance. This isn’t paint or dye. Keep in mind that chemicals react differently on each person, so your results won’t necessarily look the same as on the color swatch. Ask your clinician for guidance when choosing a shade.

4. Present a Clean, Smooth Surface

Just like a work of art, your results are only as good – and lasting – as the canvas on which they’re applied. Follow all instructions for before and aftercare. Wear loose clothing and protection for your hair, nails, eyes, and nose during your tanning session, and make sure that your skin is smoothed by exfoliating all over the day before your booking.

Avoid makeup, moisturizers other than those recommended for self-tanning, and certain skincare products. Lip balm is fine, and it will prevent tanner from staining your lips. Clear polish on your finger and toenails is also a good idea to prevent discoloration, a dead giveaway of faux tans.

In addition to makeup and deodorant, you should avoid certain beauty products. In fact, skip any products in your regular skincare routine at least two days before if they contain:

• Retinol A
• Alpha-hydroxy, beta hydroxy, lactic, glycolic, malic, or citric acids
• Acne products such as Accutane or those containing salicylic acid
• Toners that contain alcohol or witch hazel

Also avoid Band-Aids, nasal strips, and other products that use an adhesive.

5. Protect and Nurture Your Skin After Your Session

You should wait at least four hours before showering after you get a spray tan. There might be a little residue after your first shower, but that is normal. You can wash as usual after that, but don’t exfoliate, scrub, or use harsh cleansers. Certain oils and beauty products will remove some of the self-tanning solutions from your skin. Grapeseed, coconut, and mineral oil are especially harmful to self-tanners.

It’s important to moisturize daily with a lotion that’s compatible with self-tanners. This will keep your skin glowing and hydrated while locking in the look of your tan.

A quick dip in the pool is fine, but you should avoid extended exposure to chlorinated water. Chlorine is a type of bleach, after all, and that’s the last thing your skin needs. Make sure to keep wearing sunscreen when you’re outdoors. Spray tans do not block UV rays.

Ready to Get Your Tan On?

Sunless tanning has evolved beyond the fake orange tones of old. By choosing a reputable facility that uses trained tanning technicians and high-quality products, you’ll ensure even, natural results that last. Best of all, you can rock a sun-kissed glow all year long, even in Parker, CO.

There’s no time like today!

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