Get Rid of Angry Winter Skin With These Four Tips

The winter glow isn’t a myth if you have the right skincare tips! Dry air and punishing winds can wreak havoc on our skin. That’s why skin is more vulnerable to dryness, inflammation, and aging during the winter months. In fact, many people find that they experience rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rough patches, scaly skin, and other skin conditions more frequently during the winter. Are you looking for ways to keep your skin looking beautiful when blustery weather hits Parker, Colorado? The experts at Timeless Aesthetics specialize in “winterizing” skin treatments that help our clients maintain moisture, radiance, and the “glow factor” all year long. Take a look at four winter skincare tips we love!

1. Use Gentle Exfoliation

Some people don’t exfoliate in the winter because they think it “exposes” their skin too much. Exfoliating consistently throughout the winter is important for sloughing off dead skin cells that are making your skin dry and dull. Getting rid of dead skin cells also helps to keep skin moist by allowing your moisturizer to penetrate the skin without being blocked by what feels like dry bark. When we don’t exfoliate, moisture can’t penetrate down to the deeper layers of our skin. Of course, exfoliation is essential for encouraging skin regeneration every season of the year! The one tip that’s specific to winter exfoliation is to avoid using harsh, fragrant exfoliating products that might irritate skin that is already inflamed due to eczema, rough patches, or other common wintertime skin issues.

2. Go Easy on the Hot Showers

While a hot, steamy shower may feel inviting for your skin in the moment, hot water actually dries out your skin. In fact, you may notice that your skin feels itchy and irritated after the relaxation of a hot shower wears off. The reason why is because hot water damages the keratin cells on the outer layer of our skin. Hot showers can actually prevent skin cells from locking in moisture by stripping natural oils from your skin. You don’t need to switch to ice baths to keep skin moist during the winter. Simply switching from hot to lukewarm showers should be enough. Shorter showers are best!

3. Avoid Abrasive Cleansers

You don’t necessarily want your face to feel dry and tight after washing it. If your face feels “stripped” after using a cleanser, that cleanser may simply be too abrasive. You will spend time and money using products as you try to replace the moisture that’s been taken away. Choose hydrating cleansers during the winter months. For example, cleansing oils can be great for getting a clean face without stripping away natural protective oils.

4. Switch to a Richer, Creamier Moisturizer

Many people are shocked to learn that they should actually be using different daily moisturizers during winter and summer. A moisturizer that feels heavy during summer can feel like a whipped delight in the winter. You may find that a serum is all you need to feel fresh and moisturized during the summer. However, that same serum can leave your skin feeling chapped, chafed, and vulnerable during winter. Creams and lotions with hyaluronic acid are incredible for wintertime moisturizing because they help to draw water back into the skin.

Are you struggling with winter skin troubles? Book a consultation with a skincare expert at Timeless Aesthetics in Parker, Colorado today!