Dermaplane vs Microderm – What’s the Difference?

A good skincare routine should include exfoliation every once in a while for most individuals. More people are opting for professional deep-exfoliating methods including our favorites – Dermaplane and Microderm. While each procedure provides some similar results, there are some differences between the two that need to be considered beforehand.

Overview of Microderm

Microderm is a non-invasive skin exfoliating procedure also called microdermabrasion. The process takes off the top layer of skin revealing the new and rejuvenated skin underneath. Over time, the top layers of our skin are exposed to harsh sunlight and any debris or dirt in the air and atmosphere. This can result in a thickening and darkening of the outer skin layer making it appear dull and devoid of that youthful and healthy glow that everybody wants. Microdermabrasion is an amazing treatment for teenagers as its gentle enough!

This procedure should only be done in a clinical setting by a highly trained and licensed professional. Although rare, there can be side effects if precautions are not taken. The exfoliation happens as fine crystals are gently rubbed across the skin surface on a special wand-like device that also vacuums up loosened debris from deep in the skin pores. Results reveal smoother and more even toned skin that glows.

Dermaplane is a higher level of what Microderm does. Those taking acne medications should consult with their doctor first.

Overview of Dermaplane

Dermaplane uses a knife-like scalpel blade rather than the wand. The blade is deftly scraped across skin surface in small motions against facial hair. Unlike Microderm that has no effect on facial hair termed “peach fuzz,” Dermaplane does remove those fine hair growths.

Dermaplane is a deeper exfoliation than Microdermabrasion. The blade allows for deeper pressure to really remove all the dead skin layers.

Dermaplane can refine dry skin issues, lesson fine lines and wrinkles, even out and lighten up age or sun spots, lessen mild acne scars and more. As an added benefit Dermaplane does remove the top layers of peach-fuzz. It is a myth that hair will grow back thicker and darker, and on average takes 2 weeks to grow back!

Which Skin Exfoliation Method Is Better?

Before deciding on the best route to achieve the best results on your unique skin, a thorough skin analysis and evaluation will be done first. Costs vary depending on how many treatments are desired or needed. Dermaplane typically costs a bit more, but some feel the phenomenal results are worth it.

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