Wedding Beauty Tips: 10 Reasons Why You Should Host a Bridal Spa Day

Your bridal party has been there to celebrate your engagement, power through fittings, and reassure you when you’re stressing over why the caterer hasn’t called you back yet! You know you can count on them to put their best faces forward as they prepare to help you make your big day go perfectly. Why not give them a “glow up” before they help you walk down the aisle? Planning a spa day is the perfect way to say thank you to your devoted, enthusiastic bridal party! Take a look at 10 reasons to say “yes” to a dreamy spa day for your loyal wedding crew.

1. It’s a Great Bonding Experience

Managing the “social aspect” of a bridal party can be a lot of work. Brides are often responsible for introducing everyone, coordinating communications, and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable. A spa day offers a great pre-wedding bonding exercise. It will ensure that everyone feels “included” ahead of the big day.

2. It’s a Great Chance for Everyone to Do Some Pre-Wedding Skin Prep

While planning a spa day to pamper your bridal party is kind, the truth is that brides also benefit. You’ll get a chance to enjoy beauty treatments in a relaxing atmosphere to get your skin “on point” in preparation for your wedding. Your bridal party can also address any skin issues they’re concerned about ahead of a long day in the spotlight.

3. It’s Relaxing

Being in a wedding is stressful! The people supporting you have had to clear their schedules to ensure that they are available on key days. They’re also busy with making sure their dresses fit, finding dates for the big day and planning little surprises for you. A spa day offers the perfect chance to unwind.

4. It’s a Great Excuse to Try a Medical Spa for the First Time

Many people have simply never booked a spa day before because they feel intimidated! Going with a group can take away the stress of trying out the med spa experience for the first time. You may be creating some future spa addicts.

5. The Bride Can Enjoy a Pre-Wedding Transformation

If you’re about to get married, you may be wondering if it’s time to finally take the plunge with some of the more dramatic beauty treatments you’ve been considering. Lots of brides worry that lines and wrinkles are going to make them appear tired at the altar. Let’s not forget that wedding photos are forever. After months of being worn down by wedding planning, you may feel that your skin looks tired. If you book your spa day at a medical spa, you can take advantage of injectables like BOTOX to get everything looking smooth and tight. If you’re interested in making your skin look plump and youthful, fillers can come to the rescue.

6. It Shows Gratitude

Your bridal party has spent months focused on you. Why not show them how much you appreciate them by booking a special day of pampering? Hearing that a surprise spa day has been booked for you definitely feels like Christmas morning for any woman.

7. Nobody Is Going to Have Time to Focus on Their Skin Ahead of the Wedding

While you may be gearing up to start a pre-wedding skin routine at home, the reality is that your to-do list is already very long. The odds of being able to design and follow a good skin routine leading up to your wedding are pretty slim. A spa day can press the fast-forward button on getting your skin where it needs to be for your wedding.


8. You Can Finally Get the Right Advice on Taking Care of Your Skin

For brides, a pre-wedding spa day isn’t just about getting your skin looking radiant for your wedding. It’s an opportunity to make an investment in your skin that’s going to pay off for the rest of your life. The experts at a medical spa can guide you on what your skin has been missing to ensure that you look good for your wedding, honeymoon, and everything that follows.

9. It’s a Great Opportunity to Get Lashes and Brows Done

A trip to a medical spa isn’t just about skin! It’s also a great opportunity to get lashes and brows professionally treated. Why not schedule a special session for brow sculpting to ensure that everyone has picture-perfect brows! You can also toss around the idea of lash lengthening to ensure that your bridal party has the most glamorous eyes around.

10. It’s the Perfect Way to Help Everyone Get a Pre-Nuptial Glow

If you’re planning to book your spa appointment within a few days of your wedding, you can add spray tanning to the itinerary. As a bride, you may be worried that some of the members of your bridal party might take it upon themselves to apply fake tanner in preparation for the big day. Self-tanning products can always be wildcards! When you book a tanning session at a spa, you can rest assured that each member’s skin will be perfectly matched to the tanning product. The tan will also be expertly and evenly applied for a subtle, natural look that creates a sun-kissed, radiant bridal party. Your group spa visit is also the perfect time for the bride to get her glow on without worrying about any tan lines ruining the flow of her all-white ensemble.

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