Living with Eyelash Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts

Lash extensions are incredibly popular these days. Women love that they can have long, lush and beautiful lashes even if they weren’t lucky enough to be born with them.

There are a number of professional lash extensions to choose from, and consulting with your stylist before getting the lash extensions applied can help ensure that you select the best lash extension style that will suit your beauty and lifestyle desires perfectly.

Like any beauty treatment, it is necessary to take proper care of your lash extensions following the application session in order to keep them looking fabulous going forward. That said, there are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to living with eyelash extensions that every lady should know and follow for best end results that will last and remain stunning.

Do: Research Your Lash Specialist & Various Lash Options

Prior to actually getting eyelash extensions, it is wise to research your chosen lash specialist and review the various lash options that the beauty establishment offers. It takes a higher level of skill to apply these eyelash extensions properly while still maintaining scrupulous hygiene practices throughout the entire process.
Look for beauty professionals that have experience, good customer reviews and a superior business reputation.

Don’t: Never Get Lashes Wet for 24 Hours

Eyelash extensions stay in place with special glue that takes at least 24 hours to fully set after application. It is crucial to avoid getting lashes wet for at least 24 hours or as your beautician recommends.

Do: Regularly Wash/Clean & Brush Lashes Gently After 24 Hours

After the initial 24 hour wait, clients should regularly wash and cleanse their lashes using the product recommended by the establishment. It is also important to brush out the lashes gently as directed with the special lash brush provided.

Not doing this can lead to eye irritation, buildup of debris and could cause an eye infection.

Don’t: Use Oil-Based Products On Lash Extensions

Another big don’t involves the products that you use on or near your eyelashes. Never, ever use oil-based products on lash extensions. Oil can break down the lash glue that holds your gorgeous lashes in place.

Do: Maintain & Fill-In Your Lashes Every Two Weeks

Just like with professional manicures using gel tips, it will be necessary to keep regular fill-in appointments every two weeks. Neglecting this step can result in less than attractive lashes that may look sparse and uneven.

Don’t: Rub Eyes or Ignore Signs of Infection

It is also critical to never rub eyes or ignore signs of an eye infection like reddened eyes, itching or discharge. Contact Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge for more information on the do’s and don’ts of living with eyelash extensions.