Five Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Lash Extensions

The key to getting the most out of that investment lies in daily care and maintenance. Read on to learn more about factors that influence quality and longevity so that you can keep your new lashes looking long and lush between appointments with your lash tech.

What Influences the Cost and Quality of Lash Extension?

There are several things that factor into the ultimate price of quality lash extensions. This is a luxury service that requires a certified technician if you want it done right.

The breakdown of cost looks like this:

  • Location: This element applies not only to your location in the country, but also the facility you choose for health and beauty services. The median price for a classic full set in Colorado is $150 for the initial application and $75 for each hybrid refill. With a membership to a clinic or MedSpa, all of your beauty services will be more affordable.
  • Type of lash: The type of lash, in terms of fullness and application, will also affect your price. There are three basic types of lash extension.

Classic Lashes

Individual lashes that are applied 1:1 directly to the base of your natural lashes. This is the most basic type of application, and it’s the most affordable and easy to maintain. It will take about an hour to apply the first set, and you’ll get the most natural look from a classic lash.

Volume Sets

Lash clusters that are applied in fan-shaped groups of 3 – 4 strands per natural lash. This is a more glamorous, fuller look, but it can get pretty pricey. Application time is about two hours for this option.

Hybrid Lashes

A nice balance between basic and glam. The tech will alternate between individual lashes and clusters. The cost is somewhere in the middle as well, and so is the application time.

  • Lash Material: Lashes can be crafted of synthetic materials or natural hair. Synthetics are the most affordable option. At the other end of the spectrum is lashes crafted from mink hair. They tend to be fuller, lighter, and longer-lasting than other materials, but they require more care.

Length and curl don’t affect the cost of your set. Whatever type and material you choose, you can go as long and ornate as you please.

Should you Save Money by Doing Them Yourself?

It might be tempting to think that you can just buy some extensions online and just apply them yourself. This would be a big mistake for several reasons [note: you could internally link to the other article I wrote about DIY lash extensions here].

First of all, your eyes must remain closed during the application process. That eliminates the possibility of total DIY, but it also leaves you depending on a friend who may not have the steadiness of hand and patience to apply individual lashes for several hours. If they make a mistake or the results are less than spectacular, you’ll incur an additional cost to have them safely removed and replaced by a professional.

Lasting lashes that are properly applied also take the right products and techniques, and that requires experience and training. One false move could leave you with an eye infection or scratched cornea.

Why take chances when it comes to your eyes?

5 Ways to Ensure That you get the most out of Your Lash Extensions

  1. Choose an Experienced Lash Tech: Even the highest quality full set of mink lashes will appear shabby if they’re applied by an inexperienced technician. Your lashes will look better and last longer when they’re properly applied in the first place. This takes practice, patience, and skill.
  2. Prioritize Daily Care: Although the technology and products are far superior to even a few years ago, lash extensions still require daily care if you want to maintain the appearance and quality. Lashes should be washed and carefully combed daily. Choose a high-quality cleanser that’s specially formulated for extensions and free from oils, alcohol, and parabens.
  3. Be Selective About Beauty Products: Avoid using any oil-based creams or serums near your lash extensions. You can still wear eye makeup as usual but avoid waterproof mascaras. They are harder to remove and could lead to breakage. Use water-based eye makeup, and always make sure to carefully remove it and then wash, comb, and condition your lashes before you go to bed.
  4. Avoid Friction: Speaking of bedtime, your lashes will avoid fallouts or breakage if you sleep on your back. Gently pat your face dry after cleansing. In fact, avoid any activity that will cause friction and damage your extensions. Damage to lash extensions can also result in breaking or loss of your natural lashes.
  5. Keep up With Maintenance: Unless you’re just having a set done for a special occasion, regular appointments for maintenance are essential to keep up with appearances. Like your natural lashes, extensions will fall out hair by hair. Refills every two weeks or so will prevent bare spots and keep them looking fresh and full. You can expect a synthetic set of lashes to last for about 4- 6 weeks altogether. Mink lashes can last for up to two months with proper application and care.

Never try to remove extensions yourself. If you’re having an issue, contact your salon right away. Removal requires care and special techniques to avoid breakage or further damage to your eye area.

In the end, you’re paying for the quality of the service as well as the time and experience of your lash technician. The best way to maintain your lashes is to choose wisely.

Get the Lashes of Your Dreams Today

Quality lash extensions can definitely cost in time and upkeep. But, when you factor in the price of lengthening mascaras, serums, constantly purchasing and applying falsies, and other elements of self-care, it’s an investment that’s worth the time and effort.

Keeping your lash extensions looking good means choosing a talented tech, getting the best lash materials you can afford, and taking good care of them between appointments.

Are you ready to put your best face forward?

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