When Should You Start Thinking About BOTOX?

If you are questioning when you should start thinking about BOTOX in Parker, Colorado, the answer is that it depends on many different factors. Generally, people who have avoided spending much time in the sun, practicing good skincare, living a healthy lifestyle, and blessed with great genetics can wait longer than others. The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved BOTOX for use in patients as young as 2 years old to treat some medical conditions, so under a competent technician, like those at Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge in Parker, Colorado, you can never be too young. Here are some factors to consider at various stages of your life.

BOTOX if Under 25

People under 25 will generally not need to go to Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge for BOTOX, but they may want to come for many other reasons, including:

• Having a spa day
• Getting a facial
• Receiving lash and brow treatments
• Spray tanning
• Whitening of teeth
• Pampering before a wedding
People under 25 should start watching for signs of tiny lines around the eyes and mouth when they smile or frown. These dynamic lines will seldom appear before you are 25.

BOTOX at Ages 25 to 30

Some individuals will notice fine lines before they turn 30. This is especially true of those who have spent a lot of time in the sun, such as camp counselors or lifeguards. Smoking and other factors can also cause them to appear.

BOTOX paralyzes muscles where it is applied. Therefore, using it makes your face less expressive. While we can make those lines disappear, think about the consequences as it is a very personal decision.

BOTOX from 30 to 35

People who are between 30 and 35 may want to consider preventative BOTOX. Preventative BOTOX relaxes the facial muscles, which may help prevent wrinkle formation from overusing particular facial muscles. These lines often appear around the mouth, nose, and forehead.

Since BOTOX is generally charged by the unit used, starting early will cost you less than waiting until the lines are well-formed.

BOTOX from 35 to 40

Lines may have already formed before your 35th birthday. This generally happens with people who have spent time in the sun or have a very expressive face. They tend to develop more on people who have fair skin as opposed to darker-skinned individuals. When you notice the lines forming, it is time to get BOTOX treatments.

BOTOX from 40 to 45

People usually have developed some wrinkles by the time that they are 40. Consider treating these wrinkles with BOTOX because they will only get deeper and longer if you choose to do nothing.

BOTOX will make your face look even more beautiful than before you received treatment. In fact, that is how the use of BOTOX for cosmetic reasons was discovered. Doctors were using the drug to treat people with eye conditions that caused them not to open their eyes. They found that after giving BOTOX treatments so that these individuals could open their eyes that they had a very serene and beautiful look on their faces. While we hope that you never develop this eye condition, BOTOX can give you that same fantastic serene look.


BOTOX After 45

People can benefit from BOTOX to treat fine lines around their eyes and mouths at any age. After 45, it is essential to consider what is causing the issue as another treatment with or without BOTOX may be more effective. Possibilities include:

HydraFacial – This treatment deeply cleanses facial skin, which may reduce dark skin pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, and repair sun-damaged skin.
• Microneedling – This treatment uses tiny needles to puncture the skin, which may cause collagen to grow. It can be very effective in smoothing out bumpy skin and in other skin conditions.
• VI Peels – This facial peel helps to remove bacteria from deep skin layers so that your skin looks and feels healthier. It is also effective at returning moisture to the skin.
Fibroblast skin tightening – This nonsurgical treatment uses an arc from a device to burn the top layer of skin, causing the underlayer to become healthier.

What Are the Side-effects of BOTOX?

There are very few side effects of BOTOX. Only about one in 3,333 patients have any adverse side effects at all. For comparison purposes, about one in 100 people have an adverse reaction to aspirin.

Some people experience reddening or swelling for a few hours or a couple of days. Others experience s frequent adverse reactions include dry mouth, neck pain, headaches, and blurred vision. Most side effects last no longer than 72 hours.

BOTOX treatments are given to very particular muscles. Therefore, you should not bend for a few hours after receiving treatment so that your body has time to absorb the drug at its intended site fully.

Why Choose Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge in Parker, Colorado?

You will love the peaceful atmosphere at Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge in Parker, Colorado. The staff has a great time and works very well under Paige Simpson’s leadership. Paige became interested in helping people with their cosmetic needs when she watched the devastating effects that cancer had on her brother’s life as a young child. For that reason, she still has a particular interest in oncology skin care. Paige started working at a spray tan lounge when she was 16 and decided she wanted to do it for a living. She went on to school and takes advanced classes to bring the best choices to her clients.