Top Three Ingredients for Lash Extension Clients to Avoid

Lash extensions are a safe, accessible, and increasingly affordable way to enhance your appearance. All you need to do is find a high-quality MedSpa in Parker, CO, with a trained, certified lash tech on staff and set aside a few hours for your appointment.

However, keeping the look means taking some precautions and exercising preventative care. For example, activities like swimming or certain products can reduce the life and appearance of your lash extensions with sometimes embarrassing consequences.

Anyone who has suffered unexpected lash loss or puffy, red eyes knows the struggle.

So, what are the risks of getting lash extensions, and what products should you avoid?

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Are Lash Extensions Safe?

When you’re looking to enhance your lashes, extensions offer a beautiful, effortless way to achieve volume and length. They look more natural than false eyelashes, and they’re less messy than mascara.

Done right, they can last for up to six weeks.

The keys to avoiding problems like breakage, eye infections, and lash loss lie in:

  • Finding a certified lash tech
  • Keeping the lashes clean and conditioned
  • Following all aftercare instructions

Possible Risks With Lash Extensions

There are very few risks or side effects to lash extensions that are properly applied and maintained. However, any time that you add a foreign item to your body, even if it’s natural hair, you’re incurring some risk. There’s a possibility that you’ll have an allergic reaction to the lash material or glue.

Harsh treatment and products could also cause breakage and damage your natural lashes. Remember, these extensions are glued to your lashes, which are somewhat delicate and prone to shedding. Rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach can pull on your lashes or cause them to bend inward, poking into your eye.

Lash material can also affect the longevity and condition of your lashes while you’re wearing extensions. Mink isn’t just a luxury material. It’s lighter and more pliable than synthetics, which means less pull on your lashes and lids. They’re also less likely to resist bending than somewhat stiffer lashes made from acrylic.

Silk is a good alternative if you object to animal hair. These lashes are constructed by interweaving two strands of silk to form the lash. They’re not as light as mink in terms of weight, but they adhere well to natural lashes without damaging them and make a good mid-price alternative.

If you really want to minimize risk and get maximum benefit from lash extensions, there are three products that you should avoid at all costs. It’s also important to have the extensions removed by a professional if it’s necessary to take them off for any reason.

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Minimize Your Risk by Avoiding These 3 Products

One of the main advantages of lash extensions over mascara or false eyelashes is the amount of freedom you have to still live your life. With some precautions, you can still swim, work out, and dance the night away without getting raccoon eyes or embarrassing slippage.

Pay attention to the ingredients in balms, moisturizers, cleansers, and makeup for the presence of any of the ingredients listed below and you should be okay. The first 3 – 6 substances listed on product labels are especially important since they are usually found in the highest concentrations. The lower an item is listed on the label, the less of it the product contains.

1. Oil-Based Products

Oil is public enemy number one when it comes to lash extensions. Although it seems like an oil-based product would keep them conditioned, it also breaks down the adhesive used to bond the extensions to your own natural fringe.

Lash adhesive contains a resin called cyanoacrylate, which dissolves when it comes into contact with most oils. This won’t cause your lash extension to fall out completely, but it will soften the bond and make them more susceptible to falling out or breaking.

The worst culprits are mineral-based oils, vegetable oil, and coconut oil. The chemical composition of these substances is especially damaging to lash adhesives.

The only exception to this rule is tea tree oil. It’s good for your skin, removes makeup effectively, and it won’t damage lashes or lash adhesive.

2. Products Containing Alcohol

Alcohol may make you feel more relaxed and uninhibited, but it’s bad for hair and skin. It dries out anything that comes into direct contact, which causes the adhesive to break down or crack. Contact with more than tiny amounts of alcohol also makes lashes more brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

You’d be surprised by how many health and beauty products contain alcohol, so read your labels!

3. Anything Labeled “Waterproof”

The whole point of waterproof makeup is to preserve your look and keep it fresh for extended periods without smudges and smears. Nicely done lash extensions make mascara unnecessary, but you can still glam it up as long as you use care with products that come into direct contact with lashes.

Waterproof makeup is difficult to remove by design, and that’s bad for lash extensions. Part of the waterproofing is the addition of oil. Oils are also used in products formulated to remove eye makeup. You will need to use more pressure to remove waterproof makeup, which can pull or damage lashes, both real and extensions.

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Bad Habits can Ruin Your Lashes, Too

In addition to taking care with products that will come into contact with your lashes, you should be mindful of bad habits that can lead to breakage and eye irritation. If you’re not used to wearing lash extensions, you might subconsciously pick at or tug your lashes. Resist the temptation!

Try to avoid activities that cause eye strain, which often leads to rubbing your eyes. Take breaks from reading and staring at computer or phone screens whenever possible. That’s good for eye health in general.

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Improve Your Odds of Getting Great Results

It it said that there’s a price for beauty, but that cost shouldn’t involve your health and well-being. You can avoid problems and bad results by choosing a professional, experienced lash tech. Timeless Aesthetic Beauty Lounge is proud to serve the Parker community with a range of products and services that are designed to address all of your beauty concerns.

Whenever you’re ready to step up your beauty game, give us a call at (720) 499-6460 or visit our website to book an appointment today.