Lash Extensions Vs. Individual Lashes: 10 Things to Know

Now that you’ve made the decision to enhance your lashes, you’re faced with other choices. Should you stick with synthetics or go all out and purchase the finest natural hair? Long and lush or short and tidy?

One option you may not have considered, or even known was a factor, is whether to get individual lashes or lash extensions.

What are Lash Extensions?

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Lash extensions are additions to your natural lashes that are applied at the base and grow along with them. The process is similar to hair extensions in some respects, since they’re glued to your own hair with the aim of seamlessly blending in and enhancing what nature gave you. As with hair extensions, improper application can be disastrous.

They can be costly to apply and maintain, and they require a professional lash technician for the initial set, fill-ins, and safe removal. But, the results are well worth the price and effort.

A full volume set of mink lashes can set you back $350 for the initial application and about $75 or more for a fill-in. But, they’re of excellent quality, and they’ll last for up to eight weeks with proper application and care.

Aren’t All Extensions Made From Individual Lashes?

Technically, all extensions are individual lashes or clusters of lashes. The difference is that individual lashes tend to be less expensive. You can buy them at a drug or beauty supply shop and safely apply them yourself at home.

They’re a temporary solution that you might try when you’re experimenting with a new look or when you want to glam it up for a special occasion. Since they’re meant to be used short-term, you can also remove them yourself without lasting damage to your natural lashes.

10 Things you Should Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Before you decide whether to take the quick and easy route or invest in a set of lash extensions, here are 10 things you should factor into your decision.

1. What is Your Ultimate Goal?

Are you looking for a temporary beauty enhancement or a long-term solution? With lash extensions, you’ll be committed to wearing them for at least four weeks unless you pay to have them removed. Individual lashes are made for wearing short periods of time. The quality isn’t as high as a set from a salon, and the glue isn’t as strong. It wears off quicker, so can remove them without damaging your natural lashes.

This is also a good solution if you want to see how you’d look with extensions but you’re not ready to commit.

2. How Much are you Willing to Invest?

Upfront, the price of even the lowest quality synthetic lashes is still more expensive than a high-quality, at-home solution. But, your investment doesn’t just relate to money. You also have to set aside up to two hours to have the initial set applied, time to take care of them, and appointments every week or so for filling in missing lashes.

Individual lashes can be purchased, applied, and removed in minutes.

3. Do you Have Allergies or Other Health Concerns?

Unless you’re been exposed to a product before, you may have allergies that you’re didn’t know about, such as to certain adhesives, lash materials, or latex. This is a risk with both types of lashes.

However, applying individual lashes yourself increases the risk of injuring your eye or getting glue in it. Lash techs are trained in proper application, and hopefully experienced and steady enough to avoid mishaps that could damage your eyes.

4. Are Consistent With Your Beauty Routine?

This is another factor where an investment in time will make a difference. Maintenance doesn’t only apply to regular appointments with your lash tech. It also means nightly cleansing, combing, and protecting your extensions to keep them in good shape and to avoid damaging the natural lash underneath.

Although you don’t need a daily routine to keep up with individual lashes, you do need to take care when applying and removing them. You also need to keep them in good shape if they’re reusable.

5. How Active are you?

If you go hard at the gym or engage in sports, keep in mind that excessive sweating or accidental contact could damage extensions and lead to breakage or bare spots.

With individual lashes, you can apply when when you need to and take them off just as easily. However, excessive sweating and heavy workouts will cause the substandard glue to break down faster and leave a trail of lashes behind.

6. What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

Although applying lashes is a safe, non-invasive activity, there are a few minimal risks to each type. Unexpected allergic reactions are the most common, but quality spas use adhesives, medical-grade tapes, and protective gels that are known to be hypoallergenic. So long as you’re gentle with your eyes, friction and other problems can be kept t a minimum.

With individual lashes, you often get what you pay for. Cheap lashes might mean cheap adhesives. You’re also more prone to accidental injury applying them yourself, and excessive use can damage your own lashes.

7. What’s Your Budget?

Extensions applied at a day spa can cost as much as $350 or more, plus refills and special cleansers. Individual lashes are cheaper, require little maintenance, and can be thrown away when you’re done. However, maintaining the look can become costly if you use them all the time. Add it up and see whether getting extensions is cheaper over the long term in relation to intended usage.

8. Do you Have Time for Lash Extensions?

Individual lashes are quick and easy, especially once you get used to them. Lash extensions will require you to set aside at least two hours for your first appointment plus one-hour blocks for regular appointments to maintain them. Then, there’s the time it takes to clean them every night. If staying with a regular beauty regimen is an issue for you, that could add to your problems.

9. Do you Have the Patience to Apply Individual Lashes?

Any type of lash application requires a steady hand, patience, and precision. Lack of any or all of these qualities could lead to accidental injury or a shoddy application. Sometimes the cost of professional services is worth the convenience and results.

10. Do you Have Access to Quality Spa Services?

If you live in an isolated area or a small town with few amenities, DIY individual lashes may be your only option. However, if you live in an area with plenty of access to health and beautify products and services, your decision really only depends on the above considerations.

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