Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Lash extensions are one of the most effortless ways to present a look that’s naturally glamorous without a lot of fuss. They allow you to frame your eyes with very little time or makeup, and a quality set of lashes can last for up to two months with proper care.

However, it’s natural to wonder if wearing them will damage your own lashes. There are a lot of myths and rumors when it comes to lash extensions that could keep some people from experiencing the benefits.

The truth is, the process and aftermath yield excellent results when done right, but it can cause some damage to your natural fringe of lashes if you’re not careful.

Fear not! There are some things you and your lash tech can do to protect your eyes and achieve lasting results without incurring lasting damage.

Are Lash Extensions the Right Choice for You?


Although the process and extensions themselves are safe, and most people have no issues at all, they aren’t for everyone.

Those who might have trouble with extensions typically:

• Sleep on their face
• Experience restlessness while sleeping
• Have a habit of rubbing their eyes or picking at lashes

You might also experience discomfort if your eyes are sensitive, you’re prone to eye infections, or you’ve had a procedure done on your eyes shortly before getting extensions.

Factors That Might Lead to Problems With Your Extensions

The fact that lash extensions are hairs, synthetic or otherwise, that are glued so close to your eyes might cause some trepidation. Add to that the knowledge that they’re applied with tweezers, and it’s enough to make some people nervous.

However, in the hands of a trained, experienced technician, the whole process of applying or filling in lash extensions is relatively safe and hygienic.

The most common problems with lash extensions are:

• Eye irritation due to sensitivity
• An allergic reaction to the glue or lash materials
• Breakage due to rough treatment or lash materials that are too heavy
• Lash fallout

These issues are usually caused by unsanitary conditions, either in the salon or at home, improper handling or technique during the application process, and using products that interact badly with your lashes. Keep in mind that all lashes shed a little regardless of whether they’re natural or extensions. It’s only a problem if the shedding is excessive. The average person sheds two to three lashes per day, and it can take up to six weeks for them to grow back.

Almost all of these problems can be avoided with a little knowledge and care. For example, the makeup and cleansing products used at home can affect the quality and appearance of wearing extensions.

Make sure to avoid:

• Waterproof eye makeup. It’s more difficult to remove and could lead to breakage or lost lashes.
• Products containing waxes or oils
• Growth serums and conditioners for lashes
• Harsh facial cleansers

When choosing eye makeup, stick with gel liners and mascaras or use water-based products.

How to Protect Your Lashes From Damage


The keys to getting great results are in the technician you choose, the lash materials, and how well you take care of them after application. It may take modifying some behaviors on your part, but there are extension best practices that put the odds in your favor.

Get References

Before choosing a MedSpa or salon, you should check them out. Talk to someone who uses lash extensions to find out where they had them done and their thoughts on the experience. You can also check out the website of facilities you’re considering and read online reviews of actual customers.

High-end, quality facilities will post information on their websites, including before/after images of real customers and supplementary content about services and care topics.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Reputable salons and technicians won’t be offended if you ask questions. It’s important to know the ingredients of products that are used, especially around your eyes, how the process works, what tools or equipment are used, and how it’s sterilized between clients. They should also supply information about after care and recommend products to extend the life of your lashes.

Take a Pair for a Trial Run

If you’re unsure how you’ll do with lash extensions, there are individual lashes that you can try at home. This will let you know if you’re ready to commit or not. That way, you can avoid paying for a service you’ll have to live with for weeks or pay to have removed if you decide extensions are not for you.

Although the process isn’t the same, DIY temporary extensions can be applied at home and safely removed if you decide against extensions. In fact, individual lashes shouldn’t be worn for longer than 12 hours. That’s plenty of time for you test out the effect and determine if you can handle lash extensions for 2 – 6 weeks.

Pick the Right Lashes

A major cause of breakage is wearing lashes that are too long or heavy for your natural lashes. If you have naturally fine or sparse lashes, it will be difficult to handle inch-long synthetic extensions, which tend to be heavier than natural hair.

Your technician will be able to recommend suitable lash extensions for your lash length and strength. Make sure to protect your investment by following all recommendations and instructions to the letter.

Practice Good After Care

Provided they’re properly applied, any damage done to your lashes usually happens after you get home with your extensions. First of all, proper cleaning and hygiene are a must. Remove any makeup before going to bed, and then wash and comb your extensions carefully. Only use products that are specifically formulated for lash extensions.

• Try to sleep on your back, if at all possible. Using a satin or silk pillowcase will help avoid friction if it’s difficult to sleep in a set position, and it will help you avoid wrinkles.

• Avoid getting lashes wet, at least for the first 24 hours. The adhesive dries fairly quickly, but it can take up to a day to fully set.

• Inspect your extensions for problems. A common one, called nail heads, is the result of improper application. If you notice a disc-shaped clump just above your eye line, this is the result of extensions that were glued directly to the skin. The formation occurs as the natural lash grows. It can block hair follicles and inhibit new growth.

• Another issue is with what are called stickies. These happen when several lashes or extensions get glued together. The problem is that your lashes will continue to grow and shed, so the stickie will pull on the other lashes that are trapped by the adhesive. This can damage existing natural lashes and hair follicles, and that will impact regrowth.

• If you’ve had extensions removed after an extended time, give your natural lashes a month or two to breathe and regenerate before getting extensions again. This would be the best time to add growth serums and conditioners to your lashes. A healthy lash foundation is better able to support extensions and recover faster after removal.

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