5 Amazing Benefits to Microblading

If you have sparse brows that are barely there or you’re just tired of plucking and shaping, microblading might be the solution you need. This revolutionary, semi-permanent process has been around for decades, but cutting-edge techniques and greater demand have made it more affordable and accessible than ever.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that fills the brow area with semi-permanent color via a series of tiny incisions. The process originated in Asia, where it was used as a beauty treatment for those who were experiencing hair loss after undergoing chemotherapy.

Since the trend moved westward in 2010, it has become a solution for women and men who want to enhance their appearance without a lot of fuss and upkeep.

The effects can last for up to three years, depending on the quality of the ink and the skill of your technician. Touch-ups are recommended after about 18 months. Longevity is one of the reasons to love microblading at any cost, but it isn’t the only advantage.

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Is Microblading Safe?

In the hands of a skilled brow artist, the process is safe and relatively pain-free. Due to the brush-like needling tool that’s used to recreate the look of hair, the finished procedure looks more natural than traditional permanent makeup tattooing.

The process involves a small, angled comb-like instrument that’s dipped in ink and then brushed in short, gentle strokes upward and out along the desired new brow line. The blades are thin and razor-sharp, so you’ll barely feel them.

There is a slight risk of a staph infection if the area isn’t properly sanitized before the procedure or during the healing process. Since you’re introducing a synthetic substance into your skin, it could react by forming tiny bumps or knots called granulomas. It’s possible that these won’t appear for months or years after a microblading procedure.

Other possible side effects include:

• Allergic reaction to the ink
• Sarcoidosis, which are small clusters of granulomas
• Keloids
• Issues during MRIs in the future

Keloids, which are scars that grow larger than normal, are more possible if you’re prone to the condition. Granulomas and Sarcoidosis can be treated with steroids.

Although side effects are rare and very treatable, there are some people who shouldn’t get microblading.

Avoid this procedure (or at least postpone it) if you’re:

• Pregnant or breastfeeding
• Prone to keloids, rosacea, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• Thin-skinned
• Actively undergoing chemotherapy

Those with transmissible blood diseases, who have existing permanent eyebrow tattooing, or have had BOTOX® injections in the brow area should also take a pass on microblading.

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Microblading takes about 2 1/2 – 3 hours for the first application, with touch-ups taking about 1 1/2 – 2 hours of your time. Most MedSpas use a combination of anesthetics to reduce any discomfort during the procedure, a topical cream to numb the surface skin and then a local.

Your technician will work with you to choose the right tone for your complexion by color-matching several pigments in the area before choosing the final shade. You’ll notice a difference in your appearance almost immediately, but the final effect will take about two weeks to settle in.

Trust me when I say that the results are worth it!

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5 Benefits of Microblading Your Brows

Microblading Makes you Look Younger

Hair, in general, tends to thin out and become more sparse as we age. Microblading will provide you with a more youthful, symmetrical and polished look.

Affordability Makes Microblading Accessible

The national average for an initial procedure is just under $600. That may sound a little pricey, but the effects last for more than a year before you’ll need a fill-in. When you think about the price of replacing makeup, drawing on brows, and the time spent on manicuring your brows, it’s fairly cost-effective.

Your Morning Routine Just got Shorter

Speaking of saving time, putting on your face in the morning will take less time when you don’t have to worry about getting your brows just right.

You’ll Always Look Well-Groomed

Just the fact that you’ll always have a perfectly groomed, well-shaped brow line puts your best face forward even without makeup. There are no more worries about getting your brows even, and the look won’t smudge or run regardless of the weather or your activity level.

The Effects are Long-Lasting

Unlike brow shaping or daily makeup routines, the effects of microblading last for at least a year or more. With a touch up every 12 – 18 months, you’re looking at a few hours in an aesthetician’s chair once a year at most. It’s also minimally invasive and relatively painless.

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Microblading Aftercare

You’ll experience some slight swelling and redness for the first few days after microblading, then the color will really pop for about a week. Don’t worry, the effects will soften into a more natural look within a few days after that.

How long you’ll retain the effect depends in part on the quality of the pigments used as well as factors like your age, the condition of your skin, and the amount of sun exposure. This is not a permanent solution, so the look will fade gradually over the course of a year. With a touch up and consistent care on your part, you won’t need a total redo for up to three years.

In fact, aftercare is one of the most important factors for a satisfying outcome after microblading.

The process involves cutting into your skin, so keeping the area clean is essential, especially for the first week. We’ll provide you with a balm to ensure even healing.

Some more aftercare best practices you should heed if you want to maintain your new look include:

  • Avoiding moisture or makeup in the area for one week
  • Limiting sun exposure
  • Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating for 14 days. This includes sunbathing, heavy workouts, saunas, and steam rooms
  • Scratching, rubbing, tugging, or picking at the treated area

Of course, the most important element of successful microblading is to have the procedure done by an experienced, trained professional with a proven track record of results!

Your Perfect Brow Line is Just a Phone Call Away

Your eyes are the windows of your soul, and beautiful brows are meant to frame them perfectly. If you weren’t born with full, expressive eyebrows, microblading could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

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